Dumb and Dumber

If it's not worth the pleasure then it wont be worth the pain.

Thanksgiving. November 27, 2009

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Where to start with this joyous occasion??? Extreme sarcasm intended. So we were pretty excited about it until the day kept getting worse. There was a big argument the night before so we were already irritated with…lets call him… Lil Bastard (LB). No matter what we do, he refuses to listen to us. He kept getting all up in my space bubble. No matter how many times I told him to stop he wouldn’t. Then I had to yell at him and he got mad and went into his room. Eventually, our aunt noticed he was in there being loud, breaking his stuff (like it would hurt me or something) and brought him out to the living room. There was lots of yelling after that.

Then the next day, Melissa asked him to stop opening and closing his phone loudly. But he kept doing it. He got in trouble and got sent to his room. This happened twice and I’m sure it will happen again.

When we tell him to stop doing something he just keeps doing it so we’ll get mad, then he throws a fit and tries to get US in trouble. This is what happens all day, everyday. He acts like such a baby. Can you believe he’s 14 years old? He acts like a 6 year old. If we acted that way when we were 14 our parents would have sent us to bootcamp.

On a more happy note, the food was pretty good. 🙂 And it’s black friday and we’re going shopping! 🙂

sometimes you just have to deal,

Mel and Dani


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