Dumb and Dumber

If it's not worth the pleasure then it wont be worth the pain.

So bored. December 1, 2009

Filed under: Danielle,Melissa and Danielle — Mel_and_Dani @ 3:36 am

So I’m sitting here in the corner next to my aunt’s computer but I’m on my laptop. I was in the living room but now LB is in there and I dont want to be near him right now. Melissa is sick so she’s just kind of laying there. I haven’t really eaten today so I’m hungry. Maybe that’s a good thing. i want to lose weight anyway, maybe this is my start.

We were going to go to the gym but when Melissa asked Aunt where it was she claimed that she didnt know. Which I think is a lie because I remember her saying that her and LB would go together. Maybe I’m mistaken but whatever. I hope we figure out where it is soon because I need to go.

The Summer Set is playing a show in 17 days. I think I’m going to go. I really want to. Dylan is their merch guy. He’s really cute. I like him a lot. We have talked a few times on Twitter. He’s really nice. He’s a vegan, I’m not…but we can work around that. hahaha. I also like John. He’s the guitar player. He’s the same age as me, that’s a big plus. 🙂 But yeah, I’m pretty excited.




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